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Turn raw data into refined insights

Ancera plays a crucial role in preparing, cleansing, and processing microbial observation data, alongside integrating open-source intelligence on production trends and volumes. At its core, the platform utilizes advanced data science algorithms to uncover hidden patterns, delivering clear and objective insights for food producers. This empowers producers with early visibility into potential risks, allows for the quantification of production practices, and facilitates the implementation of data-driven improvements.

Get the insights you need to reduce risk, increase margins

The Ancera Data Platform provides ready-to-use monitoring solutions addressing major challenges in protein supply chains. In contrast to many industry technologies that concentrate on diagnostics and digitizing existing information, our focus is on intelligence. We strive to offer our customers novel insights, bringing a new level of visibility to the forefront. Get supply chain visibility like never before.

An Ontology for Poultry Production

An Ontology serves as a robust method to structure and organize interconnected data. Ancera leverages the intricacies of your supply chain by seamlessly integrating diverse data sources, introducing fresh perspectives, and simulating the potential outcomes of every decision.

Connecting the Decision-Makers in Food Production

The Ancera Platform facilitates team communication using a shared operating language: data. This proves advantageous for the entire organization, catering to executives requiring summarized reports, operations teams in need of crucial alerts, and specialists involved in formulating feed mixtures and deciding on antimicrobial purchases.

About the Platform

Introducing the inaugural digital command center for the food supply chain, the Ancera platform constructs a unified dashboard, delivering novel insights that have the potential to generate increased profits.

Customers access data according to their preferred format

  • Executive reports provide a high-level summary of their production risk by complex.
  • Daily users receive detailed charts and graphs into each house, farm, and complex.
  • Access near real-time data through the app.
  • https://ie-qa.ancera.com/auth/sign-in

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